UK’s innovation agency co-funds a project to revolutionise call centers with disruptive startup, Sentient Machines

Utilising, ‘Sentient Assist and Automate’ technology, Sentient Machines combines empathy analysis and voicebot interaction, with reliable human backup for complex cases.

Sentient Machines, a London-based startup, founded by Natural Language Processing, AI and Big Data Analytics experts, created in September 2016 with support from an award winning accelerator Entrepreneur First (,  is developing a next-generation self-learning voice-bot technology aiming to cut customer waiting times by 95%, remove the repetition issue for customers, and improve the quality of service of call centres.   

Almost 70% of all customer contact in the UK and globally is voice. During these voice interactions, much frustration is caused by being put on hold for a long time - 84%, dealing with employees who are inefficient or unfriendly - 81%, and having to repeat your issue to several company reps - 80% (Source: Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Survey Global & U.S. Key Findings).

Sentient Assist and Automate is a self-learning voice-bot platform that aims to revolutionise the service quality and efficiency of the call centres, simultaneously raising the productivity of call centre staff and improving customer happiness. The platform aims to automate 50-90% of repetitive customer voice interactions. The technology immediately passes on remaining calls and assists skilled customer agents, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Sentient Machines uses the latest advances in deep learning and natural language processing to learn from the existing conversations, in order to build a voice bot that is emphatic and capable of solving issues for customers in real-time, with seamless integration.

This technology is aimed at industries with a large number of calls e.g. more than 30 agents to handle calls daily. It is applicable to all industries seeking immediate productivity improvements, with first case studies currently being trialed in: utilities, media, fintech, telecommunications, government, and retail sectors.

Sentient Machines uses deep learning to bring customer understanding to the call centre industry.

Please get in touch with Danica at 079 5829 6401 or for more info.