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  • 21 June, 2019. Dr Danica Damljanovic, Founder of Sentient Machines in the list of the top tech innovators to watch in Europe! Thanks @siftede Read more here.

  • 6 July, 2018: Sentient Machines joins GovStart 2018 to bring innovation while saving massive costs to the government. Read more here.

  • 15 May, 2018: Eihab Mohamed joins Sentient Machines adding additional leadership and focus to commercial client engagement and strategy, in support of Sentient Machines’s growth plans.

  • 22nd February, 2018: Read about future of chatbots from the CognitionX evening where we shared a stage with the inventor of Alexa and other influential founders.

  • 30th July, 2017: We went to DeepHack.Turing Summer school-hackathon to talk about building dialogue systems.