Core team

Our team is a rare combination of the expertise in AI, NLP and Big Data analytics.


Danica Damljanovic, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

Danica has over 13 years experience in AI and NLP, and has worked with the SRI team that developed Siri, and in Recordsure analysing human-to-human conversations. As an internationally recognised scientist Danica has published more than 40 publications, and a book on text analytics, cited over 1200 times. She received her PhD in AI and NLP from the University of Sheffield.


Lorenz Fischer, PhD

CTO & Co-founder

Lorenz is a scientist and data engineer with 11 years of professional experience in software engineering and he worked for companies such as Yahoo and Swisscom where he’s already built real-time data insights products. He is a proficient Scala and Java developer with a focus on Big Data backend engineering. He received his PhD in Big Data Analytics from the University of Zurich.


Richard Jackson, PhD pending

Research Engineer

Richard has over a decade of experience in data science, working within the corporate sector, the NHS and academia. He conceived the CogStack project within the London NHS arena, leading a transformative perspective on how analytics within complex corporate environments might work.


Sebastian Sherer

Speech and NLP Engineer

Sebastian is a maths graduate starting out in the field of machine learning. He has worked on sentiment analysis and topic relevance models for social media analysis and is an avid deep learning enthusiast. He received his MSc in Mathematics from the Freie Universitaet Berlin.


Semir Jahic

Business Strategist

Semir is holds an MSc in Technology Management from UCL, and has extensive experience in consulting
in customer care operations,  CRM and Salesforce. He worked for Accenture as a consultant, and is also experienced in web development, design, programming, Salesforce, Google Apps and business process optimisation as well as design of processes and design thinking.


Xingyi Song

Xingyi Song, PhD

Speech and NLP Scientist

Initially trained as a System Control Engineer Xingyi moved to AI/NLP soon after graduating. He completed his MSc and PhD studies at the NLP group, at the University of Sheffield, working on Machine Translation. After finalising his PhD, he worked as machine translation engineer and on the cutting edge research projects such as Kconnect, working on several medical domain NLP tasks, including sentiment analysis, name entity recognition, suicidal ideation detection, and Semantic indexing.




Simon Shaw

Industry Adviser

Internationally experienced, strategic customer contact professional with a strong track record of leading customer experience and operational transformation initiatives across a range of industry sectors. Recent experience includes delivering a strategic Omni-channel technical and people driven solution across all customer touch points. Has worked for a range of organisations including; Expedia, Eurostar, Carnival Cruises, Gatwick & Stansted Airports, onefinestay, Guinness and BBC.

Timo Mennle, PhD

Strategic Adviser

Timo is passionate about questions on the interface of business and IT. He contributes expertise on business value creation and electronic market design. As a management consultant with the Business Technology Office of McKinsey & Company, Timo advised clients on product strategies, IT strategies, and large transformation programs. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science in the field of Economics and Computation and a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics.

Neil MacDonald

Sales and Scale-up Adviser

Neil has over 25-years experience in sales, marketing and business operations, specifically in the high-tech industries, and is now providing the benefits of that experience to highly disruptive, brilliant, leading-edge tech talent across Europe and North America. Having held senior positions with SwiftKey, HP and Nuance, he has the breadth of experience to help companies move from small-scale start-up, through their growth stage, to ultimately deliver long-term sustainable business. He has achieved 6 successful exits, worth over $1/2 billion in the past 8 years and has established himself as a start-up to scale-up expert particularly in the Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer-Interface disciplines.