Sentient Analytics is a scalable pay as you go cloud-based solution that improves customer care operations by improving quality, reducing churn and saving costs


improve effectiveness of call agents by 70%

Improve the performance of your agents by personalising their training.


improve QA efficiency by 90%

Sentient Analytics highlights anomalies in calls - it will filter out those calls that don't need your attention. You will never need to listen to any unnecessary calls again.


reduce churn and increase revenue by up to 60%

Sentient Analytics highlights customers who are about to churn in real time. You will receive an alert that tells you why is customer thinking of churning.

Our new product Sentient Suggest is suggesting your agents what language to use in order to convert more sales in real time.

No upfront costs or hidden fees

  • Zero setup time

  • Zero customisation required

  • Zero in-house expertise required

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To see the analysis on your data all you need to do is give us access to 1000 hours of your calls. That's it. No labels, no upfront costs, no data scientists. We will deliver a user-friendly dashboard for you to instantaneously receive an overview of your calls.



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